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Back in November ABI research stated that Samsung dropping Qualcomm for its own chipset for the next Galaxy smartphone could mark the beginning of a new platform war. Samsung has historically been known for its high-end application processors that appear in a number of its smartphones but the modem in its product has typically been supplied by companies such as Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom, STE, or Via Telecom. The research noted that Samsung's move to manufacturing its own solutions plus Samsung's recent purchase of CSR's handset business could prove a key turning point that signifies a shift in the handset component market towards a platform battle between two major powerhouses of the mobile industry. News now out of Barcelona shows that Samsung is in fact trying to kick-start a new platform war as first suggested by ABI.

Officials from Huawei and ZTE commented during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, that they were unimpressed by Samsung's Exynos Octa, the first AP to have eight cores and are unlikely to purchase them. One Huawei Official humorously stated that "Only Samsung uses Samsung chips. We have our partnership with Qualcomm and our own chip business. We want to expand our own chips for devices. We're really not interested in using Exynos."


We reported on February 13 and confirmed yesterday that Samsung did indeed meet with potential partners for a new OS, and evidently they were also pushing their new chips that will go against Qualcomm.


This is the nature of Samsung. They'll closely work with technology leaders such as Apple and Qualcomm and then turn around and stab them in the back by aggressively and ruthlessly competing against them. Even Google is now leery of Samsung. For now, Samsung's ego is getting the better of them and they're now going to war with everyone in their way. What happened to the innocent little engine that could image they've been fostering in the press of late: Ha! What a joke, you've been had.


On another Samsung front, a new report that came to light today states that a chemical disaster at one of Samsung's plants last month now has three Samsung executives being investigated for possible negligent homicide.


One repair worker died at the scene and "A post-mortem showed the worker had died of exposure to gas given off by the leak, which can damage lungs and bones and affect the nervous system."


Korean Police stated that the "leak was due to deterioration of rubber seals on the gas container valves and corroded bolts, and the three managers could face charges of negligent homicide."



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