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February 24, 2013


If you would have checked the link, the article points to a "Samsung" wallet product, not Google's.

Here's another link to Samsung's new Visa Deal: http://www.capacitymagazine.com/Article/3161310/News/Samsung-signs-deal-with-Visa-for-mobile-payments.html

Google Wallet was out long before Apple's passbook?

I agree that having several competitors at the top will help breed better products. I also have to jump into the Maps discussion here and say that the Maps rolled out by apple was disappointing and not as useful compared to to the google map.

Thanks for that Gavin. The "perception" was that it was crap and in some foreign countries it did in fact screw up badly; face it. However, where I live I love Maps, so I get your response.

the maps were not crap!

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