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Is LG Really Behind a Current Lawsuit against Apple?

MoreNews All Day: First Views of iPhone 5S, Australia to Grill Apple

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Patently Apple's MoreNews segment today presents you with thirty links to interesting reports that came to light on February 11, 2013. 


Read: Leaked! First iPhone 5S photos surface online: The Times of India reports this morning that new alleged iPhone 5S photos have surfaced online. 


2. Supposed iPhone 5S photo

Read: Australia to grill Apple, others on pricing


Read: Has Apple Finished Disrupting Markets?


Read: Apple expert details how to keep iPad enterprise migrations in check


Read: Tomorrow 7:15 AM PT Presentation by Apple's CEO Tim at Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference 


Read: Apple CEO Tim Cook to Sit With Michelle Obama During State of the Union


Read: Apple's 'new wave' anti-malware patent takes a leaf out of Qubes' book


Read: Apple Alumni: Where are they now? There are 28 slides to look at.


Read: Apple iCar: Not So Crazy?


Read: Peter Oppenheimer Failed When David Einhorn Went Public in His Battle against Apple


Read: The Falling Apple Knife May Have Hit The Floor; How High Might It Bounce?


Read: European Carriers Say Uugrading your iPhone could Cause Problems Connecting to a Network


Read: Apple Releases iOS 6.1.1 for iPhone 4S Devices, Fixes 3G Issues


Read: Apple opens Ra'anana development center


Read: Apple Margin Squeeze Has No Easy Fix Amid 33% Share Drop


Read: Samsung Emerges as a Potent Rival to Apple's Cool: "The next battle between Apple and Samsung is expected to be in TVs and wearable computers."


Read: How the Samsung-Apple War Is Completely Different Than Any Other Tech Rivalry in History


Read: How Much Money Apple Makes From Google for Every iOS Device It Sells


Read: Google Play Shows Nexus 4 Wireless Charger that's Coming to Market Soon – and it's Rather Cool looking. It looks a little like a spin-off Nexus Q design.


4. Nexus 4 wireless charger on the way - 2013 (2)


Read: 200 Million People Want a Microsoft Windows Tablet and Not An iPad


Read: Insiders "now confident" Apple will launch lower-priced, lightweight iPhone as early as June. This link suggestion came from: Macy


Read: Why I hope Apple never buys Dropbox. This link suggestion came from: Roy Gilis


Read: Mossberg Review: Surface Pro: Hefty Tablet Is a Laptop Lightweight: It's heavy and really bad on battery life.


Read: Facebook sued over 'like' button. This link suggestion came from: Kathy Beers


Read: Google Warns Journalists in Myanmar about State-Sponsored Hacks


Read: A new Mac Pro or JBOP, just a bunch of peripherals? This link suggestion came from: John Pringle


Read: About time: Apple now experimenting with a watch-like device

The "WSJ reports Apple has already talked with manufacturing partner Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. (aka Foxconn) about the idea…" – that's interesting in that Hon Hai was already working on their own supporting iWatch product and Apple has been looking into curved glass via Willow Glass for some time. This link suggestion came from: George Piah


Read: Skeptic: The Smartwatch Market Is Not Advanced Enough for an Apple iWatch: Would I buy an iWatch? I highly doubt it. Would you? 


Read: "iTunes could become Apple's third largest business during this year." This link suggestion came from: 1InfiniteWatch


Read: At Facebook, zero-day exploits, backdoor code bring war games drill to life 



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