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February 07, 2013



Don't bother replying SC, your quota for comments is now over for the day.

I'm an idiot. I don't know when to shut-up and stop wasting everyone's time. I hate all things Apple and don't care about context. I will complain until you say Samsung is king.

On this point you have it backwards, SC. Apple filed for a glasses patent in 2008. Who's first now? Who's copying Apple's idea?


As to your added comment to me about a 7" tablet. Man, can't you stay focused on the topic at hand. Are we talking about smaller tablets? Ha!

So Apples interest in development of a product similar to Google's Project Glass doesn't count then?

The sarcasm of Androiders is endless. Nice to see that our report has bent your nose out of joint.

It's a shame that NO ONE has had a new idea since Steve Jobs.

I'm saying that Goolge is a great follower, but a follower of Apple ideas they are, and this is one of them that I'm pointing out.

So what you're saying is nobody but Apple can enhance it's products by using high density pixel displays.

No, it's definitely not "Advancing." That's what Google-Heads think following means which is a perversion of what they actually do: copy. Since it was Apple who first introduced "Retina," the first display to quadruple pixel density,right,then it's Apple who "advanced" the technology. Lee Iacocca once said, "Lead, follow or get out of the way." Apple leads and Google follows, for the most part. Project Glass may turn the tables in 2014 in favor of Google. But in this case, today, in context with this report, Google is the follower, the copycat, plain and simple: get over it.

Its not copying, its technology advancing. Apple don't own the sole rights to use high density pixel displays.

Really Frank, is that why we covered 21 patents of Google extensively?


You're just a one-sided Androider who can't take it when someone calls it as it really is.

Well of course a pro apple site would poo poo all over any thing from google. Not exactly unbiased reporting huh?

How do you "fuzzy" already fuzzy marketing?

Is that a Thunderbolt port on the side?

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