Tokyo Court Ruling: Samsung has No Rights over Data Transmission Technology used in Apple's iPhone
Apple Secretly Filed Three Dynamic Smart Pen Patents in Europe that are Chock Full of Cool Ideas

Foul Play! UK Judge who issued an Extreme Ruling for Samsung against Apple is now working for Samsung

Our friend Florian Mueller over at FOSS Patents has an interesting report out this morning. Mueller states that "By far and away the weirdest ruling in the worldwide smartphone and tablet wars came down last year in the UK, where a publicity order forcing Apple to promote Samsung's products and to make itself ridiculous in public was upheld by an appeals court, and where Apple's efforts to comply with the order were deemed "false and misleading". I thought Apple was being treated way too harshly because in the end it was just trying to defend its intellectual property rights in court and merely had refused to withdraw a German lawsuit after a UK ruling by a lower court." Mueller added "I wonder how certain people in Cupertino feel about it." Yes, this could be interesting. Will it mean challenging that ruling in favor of Samsung? Time will tell - but for now the general cry I'm hearing is: Off with his Head!

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Do you remember this case? Apple's Revised Apology Printed in UK Guardian Newspaper



...because money can buy a lot of things...including the truth.

Why is not the fact that Samsungs Chairman was convicted of felony fraud not mentioned by the press?

On January 14, 2008, Lee's home and office were raided by the Korean police for an ongoing probe into accusations that Samsung is responsible for a slush fund used to bribe influential prosecutors, judges, and political figures in South Korea. On April 4, 2008 he denied allegations against him for his role in the Samsung Slush Funds scandal.After the second round of questioning by the South Korean prosecutors which occurred on April 11, 2008, Lee was quoted by reporters saying "I am responsible for everything. I will assume full moral and legal responsibility.” On July 16, 2008, The New York Times reported that the Seoul Central District Court found him guilty on charges of financial wrongdoing and tax evasion. Prosecutors requested that Lee be sentenced to seven years in prison and fined $347 million. The court fined him $109 million and sentenced him to 3 years suspended jail time. Lee has not responded to the verdict.

It would seem samesong has found away around these accusation listed above. I was quite surprised the UK judicial system abandons upstanding ethics for there own personal gain. I'm gonna safely assume Lucy Koh, in dragging her feet on the issue, will reverse the jury ruling for her own personal gain also?

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