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Today, Chinese language paper Want Daily is reporting an interesting tid bit of news about one of Apple's suppliers. According to the report, FLEXium Interconnect, a Taiwan-based flexible printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer, has been chosen to be the supplier for Apple's iPhone 7. That's right, the iPhone 7 or two generations from the current model. The supposed catch is that the company has to move their production to Taiwan.  


The good news for FLEXium is that this condition isn't going to pose any kind of problem. According to the report, the commissioner of Taiwan's Industrial Development Bureau Shen Jung-chin, who is under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, has already confirmed the announcement, saying that the ministry is finding a suitable location for the company.


Two of Apple's other major component suppliers, case maker Catcher and lens component supplier Largan Precision, have already moved parts of their production back to Taiwan. While it's definitely an interesting trend that Apple is looking for suppliers that are stationed in Taiwan, it's unknown at this time as to what the trend may be signifying.



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Side Note: If you interested in knowing how modern printed circuit boards are made, then check out FLEXium's interesting animated production process graphics.




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