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1 - 02.23.13 Apple, China, 14 Designs Patents Registered
Late Yesterday China's Hong Kong Patent Office published a series of 14 granted design patents for Apple. In total, there were ten granted design patents relating to Apple's iPad Smart Case and two covering Apple's 30 pin to HDMI Adapter Cable. One particular design that was highlighted in this lot covered the micro holes found at the bottom of the iPad's Smart Case that allows for the iPad's audio to escape through.


Apple Granted 14 Design Patents in Hong Kong China


Below is just one "Register of Design" patent form example from China's Hong Kong Patent Office. China's terminology for "Granted" design patents is the term "Registered."


1B - 1 example of China's Register of designs records for Apple's 14 designs


The numeric sequence covering Apple's ten Smart Case design patents is 1201771.9M001 – 9M012. Apple's two design patents for their 30 pin to HDMI Adapter Cable are numbered 1201764.4M001 and 4M002.




Unlike utility patents, design patents don't present publically available particulars detailing the designs in any way that could assist us in properly distinguishing the finer points between the various iPad Smart Case designs. All we were able to discern is that there were line drawing versions, one in black and white, one in color noted above and one that shows the audio micro holes found on the iPad's Smart Case as noted below.


3. China Grants Apple 14 Design Patents 02.22.13


Apple Wins Two Design Patents for their 30-Pin-to-HDMI Adapter Cable


4. China Grants Apple 14 Design Patents 02.22.13


5. example of Apple 30 pin to HDMI Adapter Cable


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