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Apple's Third-Gen iPad mini Display to Push Pixels Past 400ppi

We reported at the beginning of the month that Au Optronics was piloting the production of the iPad mini 2 with a display pixel count of 324 pixels per inch. Today, news out of Korea states that sources have confirmed that Apple has asked LG to deliver a premium class iPad mini display for their future iPad mini 3 pushing pixel density to over 400 pixels per inch for the 7.85 display. Report Updated at 3:45 PM MST


In order to accomplish 400 + pixels per inch on a 7.85 inch display, LG and other Apple supply chain manufactures will have to retool to what is known as a low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) process because the displays with full HD resolution requires LTPS processing instead of the current amorphous silicon (a-Si) type processing.


According to an LG rep in Barcelona that was showing off their new 5.5 inch Phablet with 400 ppi. The rep stated that the human eye can only see 437 ppi (see video). So Apple's desire to get the iPad 3 to that point is a very credible goal, especially being that LG already produces displays at that level as shown in the video below. 




Whether the iPad mini 3 is being scheduled for 2013 or 2014 is unknown at this time.


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Jack Purcher

With LG stating that they human eye could see quality up to 437 ppi, I guess the Naysayer from ZDNet is incorrect. I guess you don't need bionic eyes to view a display at 400 ppi after all Mr. Kingsley-Hughes. I'll go with the facts on this one instead of someone's opinion.


Although 400 ppi may sound high, maybe Apple wants to be able to project it for business presentations like one of their patents illustrated.

If you're projecting slides or graphics, maybe a higher pixel count matters.

It's also a bragging rights thing to have quality others can't match. It could be for when you pinch and zoom into a picture for fine details. It could be for superior gaming too.

If Apple is requesting it, it's for a damn good reason.

It's insanely high, but that's Apple for you.

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