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In December we reported that Apple was to greatly expand iPad mini production in 2013 and we could now understand why. DigiTimes is reporting this morning that LG is currently shipping 3.5 to 4 million iPad mini panels a month. The research firm WitsView stated that 65% of Apple's tablet shipments will be for the iPad mini. This explains LG's current drop in panels for the iPad 4 which is quoted as being as high as 90%. Apple is also known to shift orders between suppliers as needed without explanation.


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Apple seems to be predicting that there will be more of a demand for the iPad mini than for the iPad 4. I think they are right and not only because I assume that their decisions are based on actual market research.

I think in the minds of consumers, smaller is always better. No one likes to carry bulky devices around. even a pen is too big for many of us to hamper ourselves with at time, even though it is a valuable device. If a device can do the same things smaller as it would larger, people will go for the smaller version.

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