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February 01, 2013


I wonder why Apple just didn't buy the company...

Possibly, Apple bought the IP and that includes a free license back to Maya-Systems to use the IP.

They may have had it but didn't put it together like Maya did.

Disney was the king of animated films until Pixar actually out thought them with technology that they had but couldn't figure out how to implement it like Pixar. So they bought Pixar instead of whining.

I'd give Maya more credit than you are, that's for sure. But I get your point, because I think you're an ex NeXT guy who worked on this right? So it stands to reason why you're a little defensive.

Mmm... iWork Pro... Interesting...

When I saw the announcement of the Maya-Systems patent purchase, I wasn't able to "easily" determine what it was all about... so I just moved on.

Thanks, Jack, for adding this perspective!

I linked to the site and watched the demos -- and now I understand the significance of this purchase.

I suspect that the techniques could be used for home, SMB and enterprise using a combination of a Home server, iCloud or a back-room server.

It is interesting that some existing Apple system features such as metadata generation, Spotlight, smart collections appear to dovetail nicely with the IamOrganized™ offerings.

It is especially interesting that one of the most compelling features of Apple's revolutionary Pro Video Editor (Final Cut Pro X) is its organizational and search/retrieval capabilities. This includes metadata capture, metadata creation (by software analysis *), key wording and smart collections.

* FCP X can analyze AV clips for things like: closeup/medium/broad shots; number of people; stabilization needed; color correction needed; sound correction ended, etc,

Here's a short video that shows how drop-dead easy it is to classify clips with keywords and smart collections


I can visualize these same techniques being used with Apple's IamOrganized™ implementation.

Apple [and more importantly NeXT] had this technology as Portable Distributed Objects with EOF back in '96. The Cloud Infrastructure is the new piece [a new take on Distributed Client-Server data centers].

I think Apple bought these patents to eliminate any chance at IP infringement. Much of their work would definitely infringe upon these patents and it's better to acquire before deploying the Apple solutions.

Whether we deal with Entity-Relationships, XML Plist Attributes, etc., and which backend datastore interfaces Apple deploys on [combined with WebDAV standards and more] acquiring this IP eliminates future legal booboos.

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