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Apple has surpassed Samsung to become the top mobile-phone maker in the U.S. for the first time, scoring a victory in the companies' battle for global dominance of the mobile-device market.


According to this morning's Bloomberg report, Apple sold 17.7 million mobile phones in the U.S. during the fourth quarter, a 38 percent jump from a year earlier. That gave Apple 34 percent of the market, topping Samsung, which sold 16.8 million handsets for a 32 percent market share. Total shipments grew 4 percent in the quarter to 52 million phones.


Neil Mawston, an analyst at Strategy Analytics in London, stated that "Apple's success has been driven by its popular ecosystem of iPhones and App Store, extensive marketing around the new iPhone 5 model and generous carrier subsidies." The latter is notable sore point with Apple's competition of late.  


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Jack Purcher

Apple has iPhone, Samsung threw everything it could at the market at every price point and lowered their prices so that carriers could offer their phones with $0 down to consumers. Yes, students love $0 down. Grannies love $0 down. The lower end of the market loves $0 down.

How many Samsung models of smartphones are there on the market? 15? 20? That's Samsung. Shoot shit out the door in any and every flavor for the sake of marketshare. If you compared you're beloved Galaxy vs. iPhone alone we know who the winner would be hands down. So, you say your sales stats matter and I say they don't in perspective to what each are actually selling. Then again, I haven't met an androider with perspective yet.



Stats that matter:

Sales: android (152M in Q4 2012) is selling 3:1 over ios (only 47M in Q4 2012).

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