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January 02, 2013


Being an Apple user (old iPhone 3G, Macbook Pro) I wanted to upgrade my mobile for another Apple iphone. I really dislike the square unit of the iPhone, I preferred my lovely slim rounded one. In the end, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note II - I love the bigger screen, the graphics display is beautiful and the camera is amazing. I doubt very much Apple will bring out a Galaxy III etc sized phone - from reading the article above and listening to Apple's reasoning for a smaller phone, it would appear they have a completely different idea of the future.

I think they'll release something with a screen exactly half the size of iPad mini. I was playing with mine the other day and thought 'this is still pretty big'. I believe there is a market for iPad micro. Or giant iPod touch or whatever they'd call it. if they release something of that size with iPhone's features but not branded as the flagship, they can get away with a bigger phone without looking like hypocrites.

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