Apple's Tim Cook Met with China's Minister of Technology Regarding Expansion & Broadcom Licenses ARM Architectures
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Tim Cook Forecasts Apple Stores in China will more than Triple

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After Apple's CEO met with China's Minister of Industry and Information Technology, It's being reported by China's Sin Tech media that Tim Cook stated that China is Apple's second-largest market, and it is set to become the largest in the near future. Cook believes that the number of its stores in China will far exceed 25 which would translate into more than tripling today's 8. He would also love to see China become one of the first countries to sell its new products. The company has been cooperating with the approval process to shorten the period between the marketing in China and the developed markets. Tim Cook added that he deeply respected China Mobile, who they've been quietly working with for the past four years. Once that partnership kicks in Apple's largest Market will indeed be China.


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Ya, freedom to buy arms and shoot people in schools and theaters and everywhere. Ya, freedom to discriminate against minorities and openly mock your first black president. Ya, freedom to legally fire a secretary because you're wife feels threatened. Ya, freedom to count a company as a person via your right wing Supreme Court so that they can buy any local election without recourse. I'm so impressed with your freedom, Google Head.

Apple and China go so well together - both havee walled gardens. Perhaps Apple's China expansion will help stem their stock free-fall of 25% in less than 3 months - but I highly doubt it. RIP Apple.

Google's Adroid is more like America - with freedom for all.

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