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Patent Lint: The Other Apple Patents that Might Interest You

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The US Patent office published a number of Apple's patent applications today and we covered two of them in-depth. However, there were nine other patent applications that were published today and in this report we simply provide you with the links to each of them just in case something may be of interest to you. They cover such matters as security, camera/photography tools, wireless technology and more.  


Other Patents that Might be of Interest to You Today


The Mac Community is large and diverse. Subjects that don't interest us may very well interest you depending on your profession or what your hobbies may be. The patents that we haven't focused on today may be able to enlighten someone interested in the following inventions:


Enhanced Resolution of Luminance in a Backlight Unit of a Display Device


System and Method for Linking Pre-Installed Software to a User Account on an Online Store

This patent application relates to Apple's shift of Mac's presenting user's with an iOS-Like interface for receiving application updates.


2A. The Mac's new iOS-like manner of offering users Updates


Representing Ranges of Image Data at Multiple Resolutions


Methods and Apparatus for Securing Communication between a Mobile Node and a Network

This is a security related patent application. Apple patent fills a need for a method and apparatus for safeguarding a wireless network against hackers and unauthorized users. Another security patent application published today is titled "Cryptographic Process Execution Protecting an Input Value against Attacks." You could real all about that here.


Selective Receive Diversity in a Mobile Wireless Device


Methods and Systems for Wireless Networks and Relays


Photography Related Patent Applications Published Today Include:


Zooming to Faces Depicted in Images


Tiled Zoom of Multiple Digital Image Portions


Multifunctional Environment for Image Cropping


3A - from Apple's multifunctional environment for image cropping - invention



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