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LG Display Shifts Away from Apple due to "Bleak Future"

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BrightWire, a business-to-business resource for portfolio managers is reporting this morning that even though 70% LG Display's profits came from Apple in 2012, LG Display has reportedly stated that they're working to reduce their dependence on Apple due to the companies "bleak future forecast." The Seoul news site who posted this report is called News Tomato, a news site that covers securities and economic news. LG Display will be working with new clients with needs for FPR-type 3D TV panels and WRGB OLED panels in 2013. In December we reported that LG made the decision to go negative against Apple with ads containing mocking phrases such as, the "iPhone 5?" it's "Really disappointing!" With a partner like LG, who needs enemies?  


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Side Note: Have you noticed how the press is piling in on Apple of late? Would you say a little overboard? Well, Philip Elmer-Dewitt Editor, Apple 2.0, Fortune thinks so too in his latest post filed today titled "Has Google Finance's news feed got it in for Apple?" It's a simple observation but it's the trend that's worth noting. We pointed to this trend earlier this month. Are the knives out for Apple? That now appears to be pretty obvious.   





I think in the long run, such a two-faced approach will prove to be negative for the LG's future.
Samsung and LG have demonstrated their unreliability as part suppliers and questionable business ethics to the whole world in recent years but you would understand that such a conflict of interest was inevitable if you knew that Korean conglomerates generally have their tentacles in just about every business sector and they have absolutely no taste but for the money. Personally I am more shocked by what Eric Schmidt/Google did with Android. What a dirty Trojan horse Schmidt was!

I wonder if they were in on a panel deal for the rumored "Apple TV" and lost the bid.

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