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China's Sina Tech is reporting today that after Lenovo's financials were announced indicated that the company's smartphone sales volume had risen by a whopping 200% Year-Over-Year, Lenovo's CEO Yang Yuanging urged telecom operators to decrease their subsidies for iPhones and reduce "super-national treatment" for foreign mobile phone makers, including Apple and Samsung. The call for an end to subsidies is beginning to sweep the industry. Just last week we pointed to T-Mobile ending subsidies with AT&T applauding the move. In Asia, KT (Korea Telecom) has been demanding such a move in Korea. Though in the end if Telecoms are making record profits selling Apple's iPhone, not much will change unless foreign governments get involved – and that's always a slippery path that most would rather pass on. Then again, Korea has begun to crack down on excessive subsidies and a new report published today discusses it in full detail.   



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