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A US court has ruled that Samsung didn't willfully infringe on some of Apple's patents and denied a request by Apple to raise patent damages awarded to it in its legal dispute against Samsung. Moreover, Judge Lucy Koh denied Samsung's request for a new trial and more importantly, denied Samsung's bid to invalidate Apple patents. Our report points out a few other interesting rulings in this case and provides you with full views of all of the key rulings handed down by Judge Koh late yesterday.  


As usual, FOSS Patents has keenly summarized Judge Koh's rulings in depth. Here are just a few of the interesting points found in Florian Mueller's report:


Judge Koh ruled against Samsung's claims that one of Apple's multitouch software patents and four of design patents were indefinite. Apple's multitouch software patents were found valid and infringed upon


The Pinch to Zoom API patent wasn't overruled by Judge Koh.


According to Judge Koh, the jury reasonably found Apple's two phone design patents (D'087 and D'677) and its user interface design patent (D'305) to be valid and infringed.


The registered iPhone trade dress and unregistered iPhone 3G trade dress were found protectable and diluted. Judge Koh found that there is substantial evidence in the record to support the jury's findings.


The jury held not only two Samsung U.S. subsidiaries but also Samsung Electronics Corporation, a Korean entity, liable for direct infringement. The Korean parent company was also found liable for inducing infringement by its U.S. subsidiaries. Samsung wanted these findings overturned, but Judge Koh upheld the jury's findings


The court also disagreed with Samsung's assertion that the trial was manifestly unfair.


In the end, Mueller stated that, "Samsung still doesn't hold any offensive win against Apple (with respect to this case) in its hands," and that's the bottom line.


The Four Key Rulings Handed Down last Night


On Indefiniiteness Ruling




Orders on Samsung's JMOLs




Orders on Motions for Judgement as a Matter of Law





On Denial of Damage Enhancements 





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