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A new report out of Korea today stated that "Samsung has been widening its lead over Apple as the world's largest provider of smartphones, thanks to a vast lineup of handsets compared to Apple's sole iPhone," and that it's time to move onto challenging RIM, who still holds a considerable market hold on business and government sectors. Samsung believes their investment in Fixmo, a provider of security programs for mobile devices, will assist them in their move against RIM in the coming year. A Samsung executive stated that "Security, communication encryption and application management have become critical in the market for corporate smartphones, so Fixmo is a good fit for us."


However, The Korea Times report pointed out that the firm's spokesman, "in explaining the company's commitment to government and corporate customers, seemed to inadvertently support Apple's point that its closed user environment is more suitable for business users than devices powered by Google's Android platform." Ouch, that had to sting.     


In respect to the enterprise market, we reported earlier today that ABI Research expects to see tablet sales in the enterprise segment jump to 19% of total tablet sales this year. So it comes as no surprise that Samsung would be eyeing this market in 2013, even though their cockiness about their smartphone battle with Apple is a little oversimplified.


Then again, Apple is unlikely to chase the $100 smartphone race that Samsung is apparently considering. John Scully, who was Apple's CEO between 1983 and 1993, was in India on business recently and commented by saying that he believed that it would likely be Samsung who would crack the $100 smart-phone market in India; the lower end of the Indian market that Apple is unlikely to ever set its focus on.


At the end of the day we'll just have to see how the market in general and the enterprise market specifically play out for Samsung this year. They'll either be crowing about their success against Apple and RIM in 2014 or eating crow. Only time will tell which it will be.


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