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In a Korea Times report this morning they talk about the battle between LG and Samsung for OLED display dominance in 2013. Yet within that report a great little nugget of information arose concerning Apple.


According to the report LG's budget will focus on OLEDs closely followed by research for flexible displays and oxide-based LCD technologies. The company's commitment to oxide-based LCD manufacturing is noteworthy and points to rising orders from top device makers like Apple. Oxide LCDs are thinner and more power efficient than current LCDs and has been an area where Apple has been strengthening its investment. Industry observers believe there is a possibility that Apple will apply these screens on its next version of the iPad at the earliest. LG Display also plans to mass produce bendable displays, intended for use in mobile devices, within the year.



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Jack Purcher

I don't live in Australia, hence, I don't really care. For my area, Apple's maps are great.

To your second question, you obviously missed our site's notice:

About Comments: Patently Apple reserves the right to post, dismiss or edit comments.

We actually mean what we say.


Jack Boner

I think those Australian motorists would disagree with your assertion.

P.S. Why did you remove the part about my discussion of Chaebols and Motorola?

Jack Purcher

Actually I was looking at the iPad mini this weekend with iOS 6 with their cool flyover feature. Damn if that wasn't an excelent new mapping feature. And all of the tests that I tried for my location for maps worked just fine. ON the other point, no company makes all their own parts, get a life.

Jack Boner

Well, maybe if Apple actually engineered their own technology, they wouldn't have to rely on those pesky Koreans and their superior technology. Take a look at Apple maps and what a disaster it turned out to be. Apple needs to hire actual engineers and they need to stop calling their artists engineers.

Jack Purcher

How true:


LG is Korean...they've already ran ads thrashing AAPL....

What a tangled web we weave...

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