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December 17, 2012


Nice try at boxing me into your either-or scenario.

Samsung and LG are Korean companies that gladly take Apple's business but have also openly been copycats of their products, proven in court, or have mocked the iPhone 5 in ads. Strange partners indeed who happen to be Korean. I don't remember Sony from Japan doing that or Hon Hai in Taiwan doing that.

Perhaps I should have written "Korean Companies," rather than just "Koreans." But the point stands.


Really ask yourself, what does this intrinsically have to do with Koreans other than them being companies located in Korea? This tactic happens anywhere you go, like the US, Germany, Autralia, Mexico, Japan, China, France, Italy, you name it. There's nothing here that has anything intrinsically to do with race.

So for you to insert that racial question in the last paragraph shows either how ignorant or racist you are. Which is it?

I believe it's a tacticle move by LG to relieve themselves of partnership with apple. It is obvious they also want in the competition of the handheld market and being that LG has a margin within the market to actually stand alone it, I believe it's trying to capitalize by taking a chance in the market.

I served in Korea with the US military and saw the inner discipline of the Koreans to do good to great things. Both the US, Korea and Japan has benefited from from long term US presence.

The more I studied SLA Marshal's books on the Korean war,the more I respected both the GI's (Caucasian, Black, Brown or other) and the Korean Orphans that ran with or behind our troops . Some of these became key leaders in business or government.

In the 1972-92 period I did future trends work in technology, markets and management techniques as well as public speaking in Silicon Valley, Japan and Europe. Even though I knew Steve Jobs, I never even tried to generate business with Apple, partly because I wanted my freedom, and partly because I did not want to working on Saturday night or Sunday most weeks to meet deadlines.

I sometimes have disagreed with either Apple, Jobs or Cook, but I always have respected them.I can not say the same for Samsung , LG or the almost bankrupt policies, politicians or retail chains that have catered to them.

As for Samsung and LG, I thing we out to pull out of Korea over 4-7 years and be very assertive in enforcing all treaty and trademark rights against the small anti American movement in KOREA until there is more respect and they more fully carry the OVERHEAD in their defense, or give in to Pyongyang.

we should not punish or mistreat the Korean corner Grocers in New York , California or elsewhere. They are generally good to great citizens, and great entrepreneurs in the US TRADITION.

At the same tome, Apple pulling all of its business from Samsung or LG is not a good idea , particularly where there are US or North American Factories .

To Paraphrase Dr. Francisco Coll, I am a great believer in" There is NO PROBLEM that enough SELF RESPECT will not solve.I don't want to blame this all on Mrs Clinton, but the US Congress, State Department and White House must stop catering to partners that don't respect the US, or that don't want to carry their weight.

I will remain kind to individual Koreans and Chinese but oppose anything that is not 50/50 for the US. We have paid our price to inspire and help the whole world. We don't have to CATER or SAVE any COUNTRY or dictatorship, fascist,socialist , communist or BULLY.

these are good to great leaders, ask them one more time, "WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?"
I want to respectfully continue and expand this wave or self respect for"There is no Free LUNCH on Planet Earth."

Roberto ,Iowa , WDC 20008-01297

This type of marketing approach is typical. The best way for inept competitors to build their brand is to slander another. They are banking on Apple (being classy) not participating in this public display of stupidity. However, they are banking on the fact that there are consumers out there that will buy this type of message.

There is no doubt in my mind that the droids are involved in a concerted effort to slander Apple publicly to tarnish its image.

Cook should have known that any suppliers with mobile aspirations/capability will somehow be an enemy one day.

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