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December 26, 2012


Samsung is suing LG while trying to stop Ericsson phones using patents. So who are you kidding "Mr. voice of reason." You're an Android fan swallowing their bullshit good guy routine. Samsung is a slut, a copycat and back stabbing partner. I hope that Apple sues them again and again.

Seriously you think "don't be evil" refers to how to conduct their business in protecting their rights? The don't be evil principle is meant so that ALL that information they have about YOU is not being used for evil.

Lets face it if Apple through litigation wanna hinder sales and get advantages over other companies in their market, then you would be a thing of the past if you didnt adjust your tactics to suit those rules. Its a shame a company like Apple, that makes such aesthetically beautiful devices, doesnt see all their cutthroat patenting like the silly "rounded corners" patent is a way to hinder innovation and it will be their death when noone can challenge their designs anymore.

So instead of having the best product with rounded corners they'll have the only one, how is that innovative?

Seriously? Cheat much at school?

They're sticking to their principles quite well, actually, as is Samsung.

Unfortunately their principles were ones of theft, piracy, and objectively dishonorable behavior.

Ha, ha, ha, right, the devil made them do it. Samsung was just pure as driven snow until Apple ruined them. Ha, ha, ha, there's always one favorite comment of mine and this is it for this report. Thanks Chandrashekar, I appreciate the humor.

I sometimes think it's a trend that Apple set in. Samsung wasn't so strong or aware about using litigation and patents to wage wars like how Apple actually did. Sure, Apple has a moral case here but it pushed the wrong guy into taking things on a war footing.

It's funny! After all those days of Google's "Don't be evil" we discover that they are… ask Oracle, see what they doing with Motorola.
Now, it is time for Samsung…

Clearly, they do no stick to their principles… or the principles that the show are totally opposed to the principles they held.

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