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For some time now I've been hearing the Android community complain about Apple copying their notification feature. PCWorld noted in 2011 that Google's notification system was first introduced in Android OS 2.0 and was one of five Android features that Apple ripped off. CNET noted in that same year that Apple lifted the notification feature from Android. More recently, Android developers were openly complaining about this in the XDA Developers forum. One topic was titled "Since Android came out with the notification shade first why can't Samsung/Google sue Apple?" Well, today that question is being answered. Samsung is suing Apple over notifications.  


According to BrightWire, a business-to-business resource for portfolio managers, the Korean online news site iNews24 is reported today that "Samsung Electronics has brought a lawsuit against Apple in a court in South Korea over its 'Notification Center' patent infringement." No other details were made available at this time.


The delay in launching the lawsuit may have been due to Google's patent pending notification patents not being officially granted. However, that changed last month when one of their notification patents was indeed granted under the title "Priority inbox notifications and synchronization for mobile-messaging application." This may have been enough for Samsung to get the lawsuit rolling.


One of Google's key patents on this matter that was filed under the names of Google engineers titled "Notification of Mobile Device Events," is still pending.



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Samsung surely has nothing to gain with this lawsuit even if it thinks so. This is pure “tit for tat” and I had hoped both the companies would be too mature enough for that game. Samsung proves me wrong.

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