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DigiTimes is reporting this morning that Apple has issued requests for quotations (RFQ) to Taiwan-based supply chain makers for the revision of several notebook models including MacBook Pro and MacBook Air series in June 2013, causing ultrabook vendors to be concerned, according to supply chain makers. But what struck me about this report is that they stated that "sources pointed out that the MacBook Air for 2013 will feature a new processor platform, but its industrial design will not see any major changes." They didn't just say processor, they stated new processor platform. In February, MacRumors reported that Apple seriously considered using AMD processors and just last month Bloomberg report that Apple was considering a switch to ARM processors for future Macs. Is there a big switch for Apple's MacBook Air lineup for the second half of 2013? Time will tell.  


Yes Tom, that's what I'm expecting too. But that wouldn't explain the "concern" expressed by Ultrabook vendors who will have access to that very same processor with features that only Wintel users will be able to take advantage of with Windows 8. Either it's an over reaction or there's more to this story yet to come forward. Time will tell.


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