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December 19, 2012


You seriously misinterpreted my comment. Did I make any doubts about apple entering the TV space? I don't recall so. Apple obviously will. My comment was directed to the person above, with that attitude of "oh God Apple it's been two years since you've disrupted a market, we need MORE." Acting like Apple is capable of disruption every single year back to back. All I'm saying is that truly disruptive products only happen every so often, and the last one happened very recently. The notion that Apple is no longer innovative because of that is absurd. Apple takes their time until its right. Just like they're doing with the TV they have in their labs.

I don't know how you perceived my comment to mean that I thought an Apple TV wasn't happening. Clearly it is.

Firstly, it was Steve Jobs who made it clear in his Biography that he finally cracked the issue of TV. So is it cracked or not, Geek?

Secondly, blame CEO Tim Cook for raising the bar in his first TV interview seen by millions. He used to call it a hobby product in each and every conference call. Then on national TV he stated that Apple had an intense interest in TV. A new phrase that he very well knew how it would be taken by the press who measures his every word.

Will an Apple TV take time, yes. That's why this was titled as a rumor. There's likely a lot of talk between Apple and Hon Hai about TV's and someone at the plant got wind of some of the talk.

So relax with your "know-it-all" commentary. Some of us know how to balance rumors. But Apple will go into that market at some point in time. Cook's NBC interview all but sealed the deal.

Let me ask you something, how often has Apple delivered a disruptive game changer? Over their 30+ year existence, they've had 4 major disrupters. FOUR. Over a span of 30+ years. When was the iPad introduced? Less than 3 years ago. So cool it, disruptive products don't just pop out of a magicians hat every single year. For a single company to have even made more than one major industry disruption is unprecedented. The iPhone and iPad are still just in the first inning, Apples got a lot of time to continue to innovate in those markets.

Markets need to be disrupted at precisely the right time. That was one thing that Jobs was absolutely brilliant in doing. It seems the fanbase have either gotten spoiled or completely forgotten how long it takes for another revolution to occur. Big things take much time and patience. Creating new rules for a market means you have to rewrite everything and learn by yourself. You don't have the luxury of status quo when you're trying to break that. Rethinking a product is very hard and takes time. Your mind instinctively is trapped by the conventional wisdom of the existing market ideas.

Now this would be some worthwhile news from Apple. They've had nothing groundbreaking since the iPad release. I love the new iMac and just got one (my first Mac purchase ever) but it's not ground breaking per se. With the iPhone 5 a bit of a dissapointment (great phone just not the revolutionary product people were hoping for) Apple needs something this big to keep it's mojo going.

Tim Cook knows he's got to think big to fill his legacies shoes in the eyes of the public and so I think this is a rumor that will pan out. And actually I hope it does because I'm in the market for a TV and have been growing fond of Apples physical design aesthetic and construction quality and would be a likely customer for one.

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