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December 18, 2012


In this case, the EU Commission was going to rule against Samsung. So instead of getting a tongue lashing from the commission, Samsung pretended to pull back out of the kindness of their heart. Maybe that shit works in Korea, but anyone with a brain in the world plainly sees through this. The mean little bastards were screwing around with FRAND patents and were going to get fined for doing so. That's what makes them hypocrites.

When Samsung says they would prefer to compete In the market place instead of courts, what they really mean is that they would prefer to continue stealing Apple's ideas, hardwork, patents, blood, sweat and tears with out being challenged in court on them. They would prefer to compete against Apple using Apple's own ideas against them. .

So, it's not so much that Samsung is hypocritical. I believe Samsung truly does not want to be in court. And they wouldn't be in court suing Apple if Apple didn't start suing them first. It's more a matter of wanting to play dirty without law and order interfering with them.

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