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December 23, 2012


Apple has a certain time frame to reply to the Patent Office as an appeal. So there's a process to follow this through to the end. Our fans asked us to get involved and we did, this time around, because there was something we were able to bring to the table as far as patent rejections based on claim stats.

A case like this is a little different than regular filings by the patent office. Obviously you're unable to make the distinction between the two. C'est la vie.

You guys stated that ""We didn't cover it because it's not a final decision." But you cover every Apple filing for new patents that not only lack a final decision, they lack any decision at all.

Interesting point. We'll be watching to see if Apple can win the review process for Claim 8.

Your should note that even if one or more of the disputed patents survive with changes, those changes could potentially render the disputed patent or patents completely useless. As an example, of the 21 separate claims in the '915 patent (pinch to zoom), only claim 8 was relevant to the Apple v. Samsung trial. Apple may be able to make changes to the various claims to save the patent as a whole, but if it cannot save claim 8 in its original form then Samsung is off the hook regardless of whether the '915 patent ultimately survives.

Well said.

Who is limiting innovation to software, Tibist? That's the thing. Apple innovates on both hardware and software to make a better device. I'm so glad that you know that hardware and software are "2 different things." It's a start (Ha!).

How is the iphone screen and lighting and in cell technology related in any was to ios? Hardware and software are 2 different things!

It's research like this that makes this a site I come back to again and again. Both the range and quality of articles and research is a testoment to the hard work this site does. Keep it up

Florian Mueller (Foss Patents) is Android/Samsung phone and tablet user.
Real Apple fan boy...

I so appreciate die hard Androiders reading our reports so that they could learn something. Apple's Retina display in reality crushes Samsung's weaker OLED. Samsung's colors on the Galaxy S3 are so dark and inaccurate that it's like a child's coloring book.

The junk plastic cover shows that they don't give a crap about class.

They're tap on screen to enlarge text is so inaccurate that it shows their engineers can't even reverse engineer a copycat feature.

Apple's in-cell technology is a first on a major smartphone and Lighting is vastly superior to micro USB.

You Androiders are funny people, really. Thanks for the comment.

Apple's continual innovation, lol. iOS has stayed stagnant as Android has evolved continuously. Apple thinks adding a 5th row is earth shattering innovation. That is why Apple has tried to sue Sammy into submission as the Galaxy iii is far superior to any phone on the market.

I am an Apple investor and I'm very appreciative of the research and hard work that obviously goes into you producing articles like this one. It was very useful, very informative. Thank you for it.

That's funny. I also know Florian as a paid consultant for Microsoft who has little love for Apple.

Quoting Foss Patents who is a known Apple bias site is stupid.

Well said. Samsung deserves to pay a huge fine for the earlier galaxy phones and rightly so. Anyone who says Samsung didn't rip Apple off is kidding himself. Wanna see how to use android and still be different? Look no further than Sony, HTC, Hauwei.

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