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December 22, 2012


I do hate to rain on the little parade that P.D.I.C. thing they have going on here, however, (http://oreilly.com/catalog/opensources/book/kirkmck.html) seems to predate their claims somewhat.
Given that there can be no legitimate claim asserted that originated from the public domain from prior and obvious works, can the FOSS community now sue these clowns for infringement, bad faith and what ever else is reasonably applicable?
I would suggest P.D.I.C. rethink their strategy, more so, given that Berkley would also have a legitimate claim here for much the same.
I am also sure that Berkley have more law, technology and prior history on their side when it comes to defending an action at law.
Also, given the fiasco that was SCO, do they really want to enjoy that sort of fate, should they succeed in getting any real attention?

It's hard to see where Apple (or anyone else) would be supposed to use this patent. Codewords stored in ROM? Unlikely. And people usually use either plain Huffman coding or arithmetic coiding; what this patent suggests would be quite unusual to do. There are plenty of techniques to adapt the coding to the data, but what this patent suggests would be of very limited utility, so I cannot imagine anyone doing it.

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