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November 24, 2012


Just like Apple didn't invent the smartphone, they won't invent the wearable computer concept. However, just like with the iPhone, they will be the first to truly get it RIGHT. They'll be the ones to connect all the dots and execute and make something consumers can't live without, just like smartphones today. I don't think anyone would say smartphones were a must-have before the iPhone entered. They were a geeky niche/business device.

I've seen Googles glass, and yes while it is intriguing, it's not fully realized. They haven't connected all the dots, and executed on a radical and fully realized concept. They're taking baby steps, just melding the concepts of existing ideas into a wearable device. That isn't a game changer. That's a current thinking trapped in the pretenses of conventional wisdom of today. Just like smartphone makers were trapped in their own conventional wisdoms before the iPhone shattered their existing train of thought.

Don't count Apple out. They don't need to be first. They just need to be the first to get it right.

You would be surprised on the amount of unpublished patents being held, but yet still having gone through the motions, and not just with Apple.

Apple have a number of as yet unheard of ideas in the works with one in particular that really needs new manufacturing methods to come to fruition, think of the liquid metal, meets carbon. The new iMac bonding process was an initial inroad to perfecting it's zero welding technique, a process that you will see again in the future.

There is still a lot going on at Apple and I would hope when the new HQ is built you get to see the initial interior before it goes into lockdown.

Ha! That's a funny one.

As soon as google releases it APPLE will trump them with a implanted microchip- no external hardware required XD

Not looking forward to this

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