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Business Insider is claiming today that shipping times are continuing to improve from three weeks to two weeks for the iPhone 5 when you order it online directly through Apple. While that might be great news for US consumers wanting to get their hands on the iPhone 5 for gifts under the Christmas tree this year, the same can't be said in China. According to the Taiwanese Press last week, the iPhone 5 was due to arrive on November 27. Today, several Taiwanese sources are now revising the iPhone 5's launch to sometime in mid-December. The news could be even worse in other parts of Asia. Our November seventh report pointed out that supply remains very tight for the iPhone 5 due to excluding Samsung for crucial iPhone 5 parts like displays. Other delays stemmed from problems in Hon Hai's iPhone 5 production line. In the end, we'll only have to wait until January to find out if Apple's shipping problems were due to supply chain problems or simply demand outstripping supply.



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As always, Asia - from where iPhone parts originate and then get assembled - gets a step-motherly treatment. But then, not quite sure of the relative demand here.

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