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November 07, 2012


Given that Apple were one of their biggest customers in component supply, it is very unlikely that Samsung would have deliberately disrupted component supply as you seem to be suggesting. What is known is that Apple have pulled away from them so if, and it is a very big if, it is a component supply issue, then it is Apple who have messed up. The unofficial word is that the build and product yield issues are related to the design of the iphone 5, not components par se, although there are obviously issues with the displays from Sharp, etc.

Now knowing how Foxconn operate, their recent press release could be smoke and mirrors to mask a deeper problem, and you have to ask the question why they would have been releasing this information in the first place as they would no doubt be getting it in the neck from Apple, so things may not be as they seem, but it is the overly used phase, " the overwhelming demand " that seems suspect to me. It is a phrase designed to imply a massive demand, but the fact it is so over used could imply that the demand is not as strong as they are trying to project. Call me cynical if you want, but Apple are the masters of smoke and mirrors and marketing hype, although just like smoke, you can see straight through it, so maybe this is all being used so that they can say at the end of this quarter that sales were not as strong as they were expecting because of product supply issues.

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