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November 28, 2012


If you are going to create a separate device that needs to be in close proximity to your phone then why not just keep using your actual wallet with credit cards and cash that works perfectly fine right now?

As a product designer one of the most obvious questions I always ask when considering a new product idea is "what benefit would anybody actually get from using this?" I have a hard time finding much here. My hunch is that some company will indeed create such a separate wallet device, it'll get some buzz, some people who really like buying the the latest gizmo will buy them and be excited to show their friends how cool it is that they can just reach into their pocket at Starbucks, pull out their nifty gadget and pay for their Macchiatto! And then said friend will reach into their own pocket, pull out their wallet and do the same just as easily without having to worry about it crashing, running low on battery life, or being in close proximity to their phone which they just left in the center console of their car.

Should be a separate device using NFC to only allow the new device to work while in close proximity to the phone.

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