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On October twenty-sixth we posted a report titled "UK Apology to Samsung Backfires as Apple Sets the Record Straight" that originated at MacRumors. We stated at that time that Apple-Legal decided to play by the letter of the law and used it as an opportunity to set the record straight about Samsung copying the iPad design and more. In our site's comment area I questioned as to how Apple could provide a true apology when there were other legal jurisdictions that provided opposing positions? Flash forwarding to today – we see that the UK court of appeal has reprimanded Apple over the wording of their statement of apology to Samsung on their UK homepage. The court has ordered Apple to "change the wording of the statement within 48 hours, carry it on its home page, and use at least 11-point font." Updated Nov.02, 2012.


Bloomberg is on record as saying that Michael Beloff, a lawyer representing Apple, defending the notice, told the court that the judges themselves had said that it "is not designed to punish, it is not designed to make us grovel" and that its only purpose was "to dispel commercial uncertainty."


While I fully agree with Mr. Beloff's argument, I think that the court didn't expect Apple to go overboard and show their contempt for having to comply with the order. While it was funny at the time, Apple must now revise their statement accordingly.


We'll update this report when the revised statement has been posted by Apple.


I'm sure Apple's CEO Tim Cook must be saying to himself: will this week ever end!


Update November 02, 2012: See our new report titled "Apple's Revised Apology Printed in UK Guardian Newspaper."



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