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November 25, 2012


Looks like Apple didn't want a repeat of The Beatles.

Thanks for the input Paul. I'd also like to thank Bla1ze and Race951y for similar comments that they sent me.


"...protect.., games, computer game programs, eye glasses and eyeglass frames; things that would have nothing to do with Harley-Davidson."

H-D bikes are only a part of the business. The front of an H-D dealership is a fashion-shop. You could always buy a jacket, but since the 1980 they've pushed boots, scarves, T-shirts and tanktops, sunglasses, handbags and thongs for the H-D rider's back-perch person. An H-D owner only buys a new bike every few years, but is in the store several times a year for service, socializing, or to see new models.

Apple's intended use does not conflict with H-D's uses.

Good point on that forgot about the Buell brand

The Buell X1 Lightning was made from 1999-2002. Harley-Davidson owned Buell from 1998 until they shut it down in 2009.

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