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October 24, 2012


Looks more like an old ivention from the 90's, and IBM used to do that in the 90's (yes, you could program the keywords to make the assistant to execute the task and the more you used it the easier it get to the assistant to "understand" you) and later L&H made something like that but not much people used it, and i think that Microsoft SAPI used to have some tools for voice profiling and dictionary tagging... in 1995.
As a matter of fact: IBM has the biggest IP records but they rarely enforce them and most of the times they sell it or drop it since they have to pay for every one a fee.

I was using the same type of input with Atari Pilot in 1982 or thereabouts.

All you have to do is read the patent to answer your question. The patent is crap. There is nothing novel or patentable in it. More Trolls. More nonsense created by Rader and his clowns.

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