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October 20, 2012


Where do I sign up. We purchased two 3GS's on ebay and AT&T refused to unlock them since we did not purchase them directly from AT&T. They refused to unlock one other 3GS when we could not provide the name of the original purchaser, that one was also purchased on ebay. On all occasions they said the phones were past the original contract period but since "we" did not purchase them from AT&T they would not unlock them.
Apple won't unlock them until AT&T approves it.
Again, where do I sign up.

Well, this certainly sounds like a huge lawsuit considering the "right" of users to switch carriers of their choice but why has it taken over 5 years to realize this? Yet another moral flaw in our system where we are just okay with whatever the big brands do.

It seems to me that this isn't just an Apple problem. Every cell phone company locks the phones they sell. My HTC was locked by T-Mobile.

What a Crock of a lawsuit.

But ATT will unlock any iPhone, no matter when it was purchased, as long as the contract after two years. They will unlock iPhones purchased from eBay or Craig's List for example, even if your do not have a contract with them, as long as they are not in currently in a contract [the owner sold it before the 2 yr contract expired]. They check the IMEI number to see if it's and ATT phone and eligible, then unlock it. I have two friends in other countries that have called the ATT international number and had the phone unlocked. So it doesn't matter when the phone was purchased, it matters that it's been two years after the purchase. HOWEVER, people upgrade their iPhones BEFORE two years and enter a new contract, which should void the old contract, or replace it, but ATT will NOT unlock the iPhone unless it was purchased over 2 yrs ago. That's wrong of ATT, because the replaced phone is no longer in a contract.

I don't like Apple's practices, but I dislike opportunists more. First of all, the 5year exclusive contract has been common knowledge since launch. Second, which cave have they been in for all this while? If this was a genuine lawsuit, it should have been filed in 2007. And last of all, if you don't like the policy, there is a simple solution - decide whether you want the iphone more or whether you want to leave at&t more, and act accordingly. Boycott what you don't like.

You can't have everything. I'm sick of people whining about everything they don't get. Screw the iphone, i choose not to have one either. What you are really proving by the lawsuit is how desperate you are to own one, not how dissatisfied you are with Apple.

Besides, you can buy an iphone on several carriers now, so they really should be stating in their lawsuit exactly which carrier they are being deprived of. Or they should have sued in 2007.

It looks like it's about those who got locked into the original iPhone and iPhone's prior to Apple changing their policy on locking.

I just got my iPhone 4 unlocked by at&T after the end of my contract. What is the brouhaha all about? You just have to apply for it and once deemed legitimate, the company will send you the product number that you need to unlock it via iTune. If the company fails to send you the number, just go back to one of the AT&T office and in my case, I was send to a neighboring shop to have it unlocked at AT&T expense. Every subsidized iPhone is not unlocked and is subject to a two years contract. To have an unlocked iPhone 5, you will need to pay full prize for it, or have it unlocked after you fulfill the terms of the contract. This lawsuit looks like a loss of time on our court system, I presume.

Finally- A lawsuit for the consumers. It is interesting
that I have to contact AT&T to unlock my iPhone
and that unlock comes in the form of a iTunes
update. Furthermore, how can AT&T dictate how many
out of contract iPhones I can unlock(5). If I have
100 off contract iPhones, I should be able to unlock
them all.
I have read that the iphone5 comes unlocked,
with a contract. This is unconfirmed as I am one
of millions waiting in line for the "privelege" of owning
one. However, if this is true I would expect a judge
to discover that locking the phones was a monopoly
between apple and AT&T due to the unargreable
fact that this practice (locking) is no longer in use
for obvious reasons.
I look forward to the trial.

Contrary to their expectations?? Hilarious

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