Apple Wins New Touch & Two-Step Unlock Home Screen Patents
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Apple Wins a Point of Sale System Patent & More

1. Apple Wins a Point of Sale System Patent
Apple has received a Granted Patent that relates to a Point-of-Sale System. Apple's invention covers methods and systems for scanning two or more images visually encoded to have different types of codes encoded therein, in a single scanning operation, and processing the codes. In some embodiments, the present technology is particularly useful in the retail environment, wherein some products now have multiple barcodes which must be scanned to complete the transaction. To round off our report we present you with the links to the remaining 9 granted patents of the day which covers chroma noise reduction for cameras and much more.


2. Apple Granted a patent for a point of sale system


Apple credits Khawaja Shams as the inventors of this granted patent which was originally filed in Q1 2010. To see more about this patent, see our original report that was published in September 2011 titled "Apple Reveals More Details on their Portable Point-of-Sale System." Apple was granted a first patent on this in July 2011.


Final Patent Round-Up


In our Final Patent Round-Up for October 9, 2012, we present you with the remaining 9 granted patents issued to Apple, as follows:


8,285,208 - Systems and methods for noise cancellation and power management in a wireless headset. This relates to Apple's defunct wireless/Bluetooth headset.


3a defunct wireless headset


8,284,792 - Buffer minimization in interface controller

8,284,750 - Radio telecommunications system and method of operating the same with polling

8,284,748 - Ad hoc formation and tracking of location-sharing groups


8,284,721 - Methods and apparatus for antenna isolation-dependent coexistence in wireless systems. Apple's invention relates generally to the field of wireless communication and data networks. More particularly, in one exemplary aspect, the present invention is directed to wireless communications system using multiple air interfaces and multiple antennas, including a multiple-in, multiple-out (MIMO) antenna.


8,284,546 - Battery connector structures for electronic devices

8,284,271 - Chroma noise reduction for cameras

8,284,205 - Methods and apparatuses for load balancing between multiple processing units

8,282,261 - White point adjustment for multicolor keyboard backlight

8,285,499 - Event recognition




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Radio telecommunications system and method of operating the same with polling

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