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October 28, 2012


I like your site. Mainly because you're a like minded technology enthusiast and not just a Apple fan. Keep up the good work.

It's a delight to read the updates on this site.

- E

The other front in this glass war is computer assisted learning. There is now research on the use of mild electrical fields to greatly enhance learning rates by directly manipulating the memory management areas of the brain. Computers did not really become powerful until they were used to redesign the next generation. Imagine being able to reach all minds and actually create truly effective teaching that could teach the tone deaf to sing or the ignorant to learn.

I will leave it up to you to fillin the negative problems that could come from this technology.

i think the headset looks good i think there should be a signal that go from the mobile to the headset to treat mental problems like depression this could be a app installed on the mobile and a wireless signal from the mobile to the head set

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