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October 29, 2012


Office 2013 is free and pre-installed only Windows RT-based devices. The HP Envy X2 is a Windows 8 Pro device meaning it runs Windows 7 Win32 apps and the new Metro apps. Office 2013 will not be free for Pro devices. You have to pay but then you get the full Office as opposed to a stripped down version.

As to Apple not playing in this space, never say never. I personally think they'll do it but when all the pieces are in place. You only have to look at OSX & the way more iOS features are being added to it. I don't think that's by accident. Plus the fact there's too much overlap in their 13" notebook lineup. Eventually the Retina MBP will remain, the 13" MB Classic will stop selling, and the MBA line will become this new hybrid line.

That's my guess. After all, with the release of iPad 4th generation, there's a gaping whole for product announcements first half of next year. Question is, what are they going to announce, or all product announcements going to come in the 2nd half?

Samsung's going to kicked right between the legs this quarter. No only has Apple looked elsewhere for component parts pretty aggressivley, and the iPhone 5 will reach full production output this quarter as well- leaving Samsung's copycat products on the shelves; but Apple may also win some significant court battles in the coming quarter. I really hope the judge triples Apple's $1.1 Billion win over Samsung to $3 Billion for willful infringement. That would make my Holiday season complete.

Oh, and I forgot to mention all the new Apple stores opening up. They too will put a hurting on Apple's competitors in the coming months.

That ship that Steve Jobs built is 3 years old, it was the flagship for Apple Maps but got lost...

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