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September 28, 2012


Stock ICS had panorama built into the stock camera app. That was last year. Some Gingerbread devices have it added on with stock OEM addon's (ie Motorola's OEM skin).

Yes, there are several third party solutions for panorama-like features I see. But it's not an Android app created from Google. Am I wrong here? Let me know Kimir.

"Then again, I haven't seen an equivalent to Apple's new iPhone Panaorama camera feature anywhere. For camera buffs, that is a new wow feature."

Are you joking? That's been out for nearly a year on android 4.0+ devices.


Well said, Jack. I agreed with you and good logic sense of what's going on with big tech. You know, Apple has money and could take Samsung own copycat phone design away. There will be no more Samsung phone. Apple decide not to go after them... yet. ( bidding )

Second, I feel strongly, in about 5 years I see Google and Apple merged together to make one of biggest and powerful tech in the world!!!! Why? Apple wants something from Google. Google wants something from Apple. Make sense... if they work together like this Apple-Google Inc. All other smartphones that Google has.... will be gone. Just focus on these two phones. Google Nexus & Apple iPhone.

Maybe it's time to buy more stock

I appreciate your honest opinion, Taylor, even though I disagree.

Seriously, Tim Cook did the right thing to apologize. If Google had to apologize for every screw-up and short-falling of Android it would take forever. Their face recognition was fooled by a photo for godsake. So you're argument fails to be honest.

As for flex displays, I guess you didn't read our report. Apple isn't trying to shoot for goofy and never-to-be used warped flex displays that we saw at CES. Does anyone really want to buy a smartphone that looks like a question mark? Are you kidding me? Apple's patent showed that they're researching new ways to utilize flex screens beyond the silly design dimension. Samsung loves gawdy and confuses that with innovation. That's just expected from a copycat mindset. Absolutely no class.

As for innovation, I guess we don't see eye to eye on that either. Apple still has the number one music players after a decade and they keep their line-up fresh. They also have the number one music platform in the world called iTunes. Google and Microsoft have yet to compete with iTune after a decade. That's so pathetic I don't know where to begin. So innovation in software is obviously something that escapes you. That's your problem. Debacle? When Tech Giants can't figure out how to match iTunes, it shows just how ingenious Apple is.

Was Samsung's funky button-filled cell phones of yesteryear your idea of innovation? Hahahaha. It took Apple to show the industry what smart in smartphones actually meant. We'd still be in the dark ages with cell phones if not for Apple.

I hope that one day we'll actually see real innovation come from the other platforms. It would be refreshing and healthy for the industry. But for now, you're confusing being first with something equating to innovation. That tells me you don't understand innovation at all. Is enlarging a screen innovation? No. Isn't bring back the stylus in it's current form just an old idea resurfaced? Yes. NFC sharing files? That's not an Android concept. That's just what an off-the-shelf technology that Samsung threw into their phones does. Maybe it'll be handy once Google can figure out how to make their Wallet product actually work and gain acceptance. We're still waiting for that to happen (snore).

At the end of the day, I don't think Android fans would stay up all night to own ... well ... anything from Samsung or any other Android maker. No one in the world views feature-overbloat as true innovation.

You say that Apple has lost it's innovative streak? Well, we'll see if that's really true over time. You're confusing a lull in delivering a WoW feature as the end of innovation. Then again, I haven't seen an equivalent to Apple's new iPhone Panaorama camera feature anywhere. For camera buffs, that is a new wow feature. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder and why Apple is the number tech company on the planet.


Look what Apple just did. Tim Cook apologized for the pathetic debacle the iMaps was and recommended using Nokia and Google instead. And Apple is getting thrashed at the Wall Street for assuming that it can take its loyal customers for granted. Good luck Apple. This is just the beginning of the end. Apple has lost all its innovative streak. Now, it is just trying to patent innovations that have existed since decades. Look at the flexible display patent. Have we not seen multiple companies demonstrate this functionality several times over in the last 3-4 years at CES?

Steve Jobs should never have trusted this dude with anything to do with Apple. Steve got backstabbed for his pains. Meanwhile this clown is yucking it up and Apple is getting crushed by the idiots on Wall Street who wouldn't know a good product if they fell over one.

The last line in this artical re "Once again, Judas speaks on both sides of his mouth," is dead on. E.S. is indeed a 2faced POS. now he goes on and claims his co. is the innovator? If it weren't for AAPLs ingenuity they woulda had a phone that replicated RIMMs innovation. The last day he was on the aapl board they shoulda teabagged that SOB.

About Schmidt: I'm beginning to believe that this guy probably had everything to do with accelerating the demise in Steve Jobs' health... God knows he makes my own blood boil with his psychotic disingenuous babbling.

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