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Microsoft Patent: How to Silence your Device by whacking it off

1 PA. Microsoft Patent - How to Silence your Device by Whacking it Off
Sometimes life is funnier than fiction. A new Microsoft invention published by the US Patent Office this week goes into great detail as to how you'll one day be able to silence your mobile device by simply whacking it off. I'm not trying to be offensive – it's just what it is. And believe it or not, it actually gets funnier as you follow their train of thought. I laughed so much that it was hard to finish the report. For a Friday, you couldn't ask for a funnier topic if you tried. 


To read all about Microsoft's Wacky Patent, check out today's patent application report over at Patent Bolt.



Jack Purcher

Kimir, the context of our byline is correct in that whackng it off is referring to the "it" as being the device. That's what the patent is about. To turn it off, to turn off your smartphone, you need to whack the device sitting in your pocket. Hence a play on words.

What you're referring to is simply "whacking off," period. I laughed knowing people would read it wrong. That's what was so funny. Your question is even funnier in that you think that you're teaching me something. Ha! Thanks for your concern ... Ha!, I can't stop laughing.


You know the phrase "Whacking it off" implies masturbation, right?

David Lau

Haha! Thanks Jack for bringing this article. Love it. Happy Friday!

Jack Purcher

Lighten up David, it's Friday. You do have a sense of humor don't you? In our full Patent Bolt report we present readers with the patent application number and they're free to discover there's some depth to Microsoft's idea. But come-on, how they discuss it is really funny!

David Lau

I think this is a thoughtful patent, not as funny as it sounds. I hope Microsoft failed to register this patent and Apple use it later on iPhone (and iPad mini).


My alarm already does that. It's called Wake n Shake for the iPhone. Hope they patented it and then can sue Microsoft :-)

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