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September 09, 2012


Wow thats totally insane man! Wow.


i agree...whats the point of a tv if you're going to project the images on the walls

I think the peripheral vision stuff would be a little less refined and detailed in contrast to the main play on a 1080p display. I don't think that it's trying to replace the TV but add to the game by immersion. It's an eye thing that will make the game more fun, especially in first shooter games, which they're highlighting in their patent. For all walls to be 1080p quality or higher will take a decade to achieve. Microsoft's vision will be get the ball rolling but it'll definitely be an evolutionary process like games were from the CRT to 720p to 1080p and beyond. But I love the idea!

Why require a TV then?

Wow 2.0 but why not pick another name? I mean Xbox 720, really? I guess developers 1, marketing -2...


A step in the right direction, I'd say.

Holodeck version 0.1

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