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September 10, 2012


Sounds like sour grapes to me, you lose an IP case and now you want to bitch slap the winner. Samsung shouldn't have a problem with Apple, there problem should be with Google. Google sold them stolen goods with their android OS and Samsung bought it. Google is the real criminal here, they collected information of Apple's iPhone plans via their CEO who was sitting on the Board of Directors at Apple all the while be friending Apple. The whole tech world should turn on Google and stop their evil ways. Down with Google!

So where's the press articles accusing this type of behavior as "stifling innovation?" Suing for essential patents in a product market that every player adopts, versus suing over differentiating patents that involve design and user experience which give a product it's identity.

But of course, Apple will always be the bad guy, and the real abusers who harm the industry will be held to a different standard and looked at as the righteous ones. David vs Goliath. It's always more fun to cheer for the davids out there. Unfortunately, we have a lot of dull minded people out there who think this way.

It's just so amazing to me how short and selective peoples memories are. The iPhone has only been out for 5 years, and the public has ALREADY taken for granted and forgotten just how groundbreaking and different this phone was.

It'll be interesting to see how HTC can ban iPhone5 sales with a couple of their LTE patents.

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