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September 17, 2012


Personal preference, and also a matter of taste. I'd say that if you truly felt WIndows Phone 7.0 was a superior experience to iOS when it launched, then you have poor taste. Yes, it's your preference, and I'm not saying you are wrong for it, but I'm just saying your sense of taste in user experience is not very refined.

I like Windows Phone much more than Android, and I also always give MS credit for TRYING to create something unique and differentiated from iOS. But I feel like the user experience on the platform is so rough around the edges that it really just doesn't compare. It has a certain novelty at first, which quickly wears off once you start using it on a daily basis. To me, MS focused more on visual design differentiation, and focused less on obvious functional design. The start screen is the only intuitive aspect, using applications is where things start to fall apart and really require an average user to take some time to learn and "get used" to it. There are many design languages in "Metro" that I just feel are very bleh. Text-heavy, flat text against a flat background with no sense of depth or texture, scrolling lists that disappear under an imaginary title bar that comprises just a large font title with no actual title BAR.

Features don't equate to quality. QUALITY does. The people who don't "get" Apples magic are the people who look at spec sheets and raw feature lists to determine superiority. That's a battle Apple never even participates in. They've always focused on doing a tight cohesive feature set, highly polished, well designed, and IMPLEMENTING them with an obsessive level of quality.

The iPhone 5 reiterated that philosophy yet again. And the technophiles once again didn't get it. Does the iPhone 5 have NFC? No, because Apple felt the system could not be implemented to end users yet in a cohesive and highly polished package. I guarantee you that I will be able to use PassBook in more places, and get more utility from it, than any other phone with NFC payments. The system just isn't ready for prime time yet. It's a novelty. "Ooooooh we can tap phones and share files." And some hacker can write a simple program that hacks into your phone just by walking by. Not exactly a killer feature for the average consumer.

Great Article..Keep up the nice work..

Wow! Never thought such an excellent article could be found in Patently Apple. Bravo! Keep up the good work Jack. Love your works!

Exactly my point....its personal preference...you obviously like spinning balls.

Windows???? are you kidding. Don't forget that [Ctrl] [Alt] [Del] key combo, you will need it.

I absolutely love this article. I used to staunchly defend Microsoft and their products (blindly I might add) until I got my hands on my first iPhone 3G. Now I own many Apple products and I'll never settle for less than the quality they deliver. $100 more? No question. Period.

Yes Joachim, it's 14 now with Sweden. I was quoting 13 at the time of the event. But yes it's 14 now. Thanks for the note on 3G too.


Excellent article. I never thought about it from that perspective; That some individuals don't understand why I pay more for the original product.

As of Friday Apple have stores in 14 countries, not 13. Also FaceTime is available on 3G as well, not just LTE. ;)

Steve Jobs was a genius, the iPad and iPhone (and iPod) were brilliant pieces of hardware, before their time...But what they are producing now is mere evolutionary and other manufactures hardware and software has over taken them. Yes people still aspire to and want Apple, this is due to the great marketing machine. Yes $100 for an iPhone is great value (if you ignore the contract to go with it) but you can get a lot more for your money elsewhere now. I'm not knocking it and its great that consumers have a wider choice now, thanks in part to Apple.
I owned an iPhone for a couple of years before Windows Phone 7 came out and I know it's all personal choice but even the first version was so much better experience (even with the limited features back then) Now WP8 is just round the corner and Nokia are producing amazing Windows phones, Apple might be the ones playing catch up very soon.....

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