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September 13, 2012


I have not tried Siri, but I do find it desirable to be able to dictate notes and put them in my contacts, to do, or schedule. Controlling iTunes would be second.

Cue Scotty, ``Computer... Computer...'' ``You have to use the mouse.'' ``How quaint.''

There's a foolish take on this patent by the Register in the UK. They state "The benefits of controlling computers by speech seem small compared to the annoyance of having to put up with other people barking at their desks .."

The patent's number one app for this is iTunes. It's for the home iMac. It's not for work. What a wonky take that could only come from the British. Take the craziest scenario and bark it up like a dog. Funny people they are.

I don't want to control my computer by speech, I want to control my Mac by thoughts, wirelessly.

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