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August 24, 2012


Times have changed since Henry Ford, CodeRed. Take a look at a movie called "Flash Genius": http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1054588/

It's about a small inventor who left the auto industry and had to fight the big car companies that tried to rewrite history with their own patents and bury this guy in court. It's a true story. So if the intermittent window wiper feature is patented, there are more patents on cars than you can imagine.

You have to be a bit naive to buy into Samsung's yapping about losing to Apple and that copying is OK. Samsung is the number two patent filer in the world under IBM. Do you think that they're patenting thin air, CodeRed? Are they not trying to protect their own patents? Are all Samsung patents worthy? It's obvious that you're buying into their propaganda plain and simple. They know all to well the importance of patents. And Pinch to Zoom is "obvious" now but it wasn't before Apple intoduced it!

Thanks for your honest comment CodeRed, but I vehemently disagree.

Software patents are BS to begin with. Imaging if Ford patented the Steering Wheel, blinkers, brake pedals, etc. You might as well just patent the 'car', because it basically would make it impossible for any other company to make one that worked. Pinch to zoom? Single finger scrolling? They are the obvious ways (possibly the only good ways) to control a touch screen device.

You shouldn't care about the law suits as you're a consumer. But since you do, wishing them away isn't the solution. Samsung patents everything under the sun, so them pretending that copying is OK is ludicrous. They got caught and they have to pay the piper as Apple will if found guilty. Here's to hoping that Samsung and all android OEM's will push harder for more original innovation.

So it sounds like we can both agree on this then. I think there is nit picking on both sides. I just wish all the law suites would stop. Its gone from being about intellectual property to being a pissing match and no one is innocent. Even Google, who has tried to keep out of this stuff, has recently started to more actively participate.

US is dominating.

No one is saying that iOS should be the only OS. What's being said is that they, Samsung + Android, should have stuck to inventing an original OS. Today, Android is trying to do so and are succeeding. But the fact is that they did copy Apple's original iPhone and iOS because it was running away with the market and Google and Samsung sought to copy Apple's success.

The design isn't just about rounded corners. The evidence in court showed how Samsung went from button ridden hardware to copying Apple down to the rounded corners, not just the rounded corners.

Competition is good, like what Microsoft is doing with the Metro like interface that's completely different from iOS. Bring on the competition that does their own design. We all win when competition competes with new ideas and not copying.

As an Android fan who also likes Apple's products I am disappointed with the ruling. Like the South Korean court I think both were violating each others patents and so there should be an exchange of ideas.

As for design patents, I have actually spent a lot of time researching that and it simple makes it so you can have a monopoly on shape. I have very mixed feelings about this ruling as you can tell. Still, there are some advantages to this ruling if it is up held. It would challenge innovators to create other ways of doing things. This in turn will hopefully lead to a better market. Still, this ruling can lead to a limited market. I personally think that the Apple, Microsoft, Google competition has made the market better.

If iOS were the only mobile OS I personally think it would have stagnated. By Android being present in the market it forces both to improve. In fact, iOS 6 is playing catch up to a lot of features that Android 2.3.4 (the most popular version of Android) has. This isn't an issue of which is better. Most of the time its a matter of preference.

My point is that by both existing there is improvement in the market. I personally think that Samsung should have licenced things like pinch to zoom and the like since that was clearly Apple's intellectual property, but to say that rounded rectangles are Apple's exclusive property is crap. Any ways, there is my two bits.

Aa great day for hard working men and women who come up with ideas and work hard to take it to the next step. Obviously a sad day for copiers who just wait to duplicate others work.

Yay! The good guys finally got a good punch in. I say stop in inflow of that lazy copy cat Samsung ASAP. Let them come up with their own inventions!

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