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August 09, 2012


Well said Mr. Simon, well said.

However, our report focuses on the study put out by the Boston University School of Law. The study is focused on Pro NPEs who make it a busines to make money and not about the little inventor who could lose their home and life savings.

Your argument appears to be so professionally crafted so as to shift the argument away from the focus of the study. The report specifically mentions a company like InterDigital, which was the example used in the Korean report. Nowhere in the report is anyone pointing to poor inventors with a great idea.

While I appreciate your argument, it's simply misplaced in context to our report.


Jack Purcher

Independent inventors who spend great sums of money that sometimes represent the mortgaging of their homes to pay for the patent attorneys and U.S.P.T.O fees to have their inventions patented deserve the same protection that a multi- billion dollar company does.

To discriminate against one independent small inventor would be the same as discriminating against a large corporation holding a patent regardless of their ability to turn their invention into a product.

Should the independent inventor just turn is invention over to a large multi- million dollar company because he spent his life savings to patent his invention and lacks the funding to get the invention produced?

This website displays inventions that are patented by a large multi- national company. How many of the actual patents held by this company are currently a product?

The number of " mind blowing patents " that are reported on this website that are not products is a high number. Shall we then presume that all these " mind blowing patents" that are not currently products also Patent Troll Patents?

Justice must be blind, if it is not their is no justice!

Multi- million dollar companies should do their due diligence prior to making a product or using a method that may be patented. Then they should offer the inventor something for his invention if they want to use it.

Our society is built on opportunity and the dreams of inventors is to innovate. To dismiss independent inventors without products as NPE's and then displaying an ugly image that may represent those who have toiled for sometimes years and decades to perfect their invention and have risked their life savings and family welfare for the belief in their inventions is simply callus.

The right to dream a dream and make it an invention is not reserved for those that are fortunate and of greater means. If we fail to allow any person to realize the American Dream of success through hard work, innovation and opportunity then we are no longer the greatest and most innovative nation the earth as ever seen, rather we are doomed to our own greed and circumstance.

Jeffrey Franklin Simon
Independent Inventor

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