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Asian Speculation see's Demand for the new iPad Decreasing in Q3

1. Asian Speculation see's Demand for the new iPad 3 Decreasing in Q3
Speculation from a Taipei based analyst this morning states that Apple is likely to cut its orders for their iPad in an attempt to avoid an oversupply of the tablet computer and adjust its panel supplier mix. "The growth momentum of worldwide tablet PCs has actually become weaker this year, partially due to market saturation," said Charles Chou, a senior industry analyst at the government-sponsored Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute. The analyst also stated that Apple is facing market share erosion by some 'white-label' vendors. Yet in July, Tim Cook reminded analysts that they had just resolved an iPad trademark issue in China and that sales for the last quarter didn't benefit from the new iPad in the June quarter in Mainland China. So in context, the imaginary argument that analysts are seeing "market erosion" isn't justified. Yet the speculation continued in a report out of Korea that the gross demand for display panels for the new iPad may decrease from Q3. So are these analysts seeing something that we're not?  


Taiwan Source

Korean Source



It's the rare analyst who gets much of anything right when it comes to predicting how or what Apple is going to do.

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I think that the analysts are jumping the gun

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