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August 14, 2012


For anyone interested in Apple's possible venture into television services, I would suggest they watch "The Lost Steve Jobs Interview". The film reveals just how far reaching the scope of his vision was.

Apple is not interested in buying Netflix, TiVo, Boxee, or fill-in-the-blank. They are not interested in developing some new-tangled TV console or exotic set top box. It will simply be a newer version of the present Apple TV. If it is up to Apple, your DVR and all programming will reside in the CLOUD. Apple is positioning itself to be the first to offer A LA CARTE programming. Once they develop this, the world will pave a path of gold to Apple's doorstep. Let's not forget that Apple is the master of knowing what people really want when it comes to product design, quality, and service.

I was listening to Jim Dalrymple on 5by5 today saying that Apple's patent was filed in 2006 and that "it's a long time to be waiting on a patent." Ha. Apple has iPhone patents going back to 1999 and the iPhone launched in 2007. That was eight years for some patents to see the light of day. But guess what, it happened Jim.

Of course not every patent comes to light, but many of them, like the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Cameras on iDevices and many many more have. To say that patents mean nothing, illustrates a common ignorance, plain and simple.

The funny thing is that Jim is following the Apple vs. Samsung trial about patents related to the iPhone, patents that we covered over time. I guess that patents matter big time, but Jim just didn't get the memo. In the Apple vs. Samsung trial, that's about 2.5 billion reasons to believe that patents matter.

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