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August 17, 2012


How is it that EVERYONE has the patent on such items as
Quick time
moving images
saving images
looking at images

I mean we keep seeing these patent trolls coming out of the woodwork years later with patents for basically the same generic “I think images should exist, be able to be moved, saved and seen in some order” type patents.

If Apple has to pay one of these, there should be a proviso that that company MUST pay for any future lawsuits vs that operation. Pit the “patent holder” against the “patent holder” and let them fight it out.

matgeek sounds right. Patent troll looking for quick hush money.

Patents should be specific, not general, especially not overly general. That leads to several patents basically saying the same thing. PS, if three companies all sue Apple over basic quicktime operation, should they not have to fight each other to see which patent is right, then the winner can deal with Apple?

So let me get this straight; they go on and on about how Apple has used their patented tech to sell Billions of dollars worth of products annually, since 2002, only to ask for $75,000?? Sounds more than a little fishy to me.

If they thought Apple actually infringed, they would have asked for millions.

My guess is, Apple was willing to throw them a bone... but when they turned down free money, Apple went ahead and created a similar feature implemented in an entirely different way (which is feasible, since they have a patent document describing the original implementation).

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