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August 14, 2012



" But in the end, it's just noise and nothing more. Apple gained the patent, so get over it."

Actually, Any person at any time may file a request for reexamination by the Office of any claim of a patent on the basis of any prior art cited under the provisions of section
301 of this title.

There has been a number of common anti-Apple comments sent in to us about Prior Art. This isn't the venue for venting about prior art. You could always contact the US Patent Office where it's appropriate considering that they granted Apple this patent.

This segment of our site presents legitimately grained granted patents. Apple plays by the rules and gains patents just like Google, Sony, Samsung and and others who file and receive granted patents week in and week out. Shouting about Prior Art is a waste of air and Patently Apple won't generally publish such comments.

Once again, we thank you for taking the time to send in your comments to us, but shouting about prior art isn't appropriate. If Apple loses a patent case in the future based on prior art, then we'll gladly publish that verdict. That's when it's appropriate to post such a story or comment about prior art.

Patently Apple publishes a segment called Patently legal where we publish reports highlighting those who are suing Apple. There's a time and place for such arguments and this isn't the place for posting everyone's vision of what prior art is or isn't.


How many times did people say that about the iPad in contrast to the old tablet PC. It's easy to throw around the phrase "prior art" but it's not always in conflict as you think. The patent office has rules, it has examiners and generally patents are reviewed carefully. If Apple has gained a granted patent for their radial menu idea, then it's because there's just reasoning. So all this whining about prior art is just noise. If you don't like Apple, as so many do now, throwing around prior art is just an excuse to crap on Apple. But in the end, it's just noise and nothing more. Apple gained the patent, so get over it.

Wouldn't Apple's original click wheel also cover this. In effect it is a "menu".

I used something called Marking Menus, similar to radial menus, 20 years ago on SGI workstations using Alias Studio, now an Autodesk product. Prior Art?

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